Our Team:



Why We Choose:

  1. J Hart - Had a great season last year securing his status as 'England's Number One' and replacing Shay Given as Manchester City's Number One.
  2. G Clichy - Had another good season at Arsenal before moving to Manchester City. Only made 32 fouls, placing him 90 on the 'Dirtiest Players List'.
  3. L Koscielny - Consistently played  for the Arsenal team that only conceded 48 goals in 38 games.
  4. L Baines - Everton regular with the ability to score from defence!
  5. V Kompany - Part of a Manchester City team that only conceded 33 goals in 38 games. The best in the league.
  6. T Walcott - Brilliant goalscoring winger, who also bags loads of assists.
  7. C Adam - Scored an amazing 12 goals with a relegated team! Lets hope he can do it with Liverpool.
  8. E Bennett - Probaly not the wisest choice, but WTH, we have to support him.
  9. R Van der Vaart - In my eyes the best midfielder in the Prem. Scores by the bucket load with his trademark left foot.
  10. Gervinho - Been hot in pre-season, but doubts if he can do it in the Prem - only 1 way to find out!
  11. L Suarez - We origianally had Hernandez here, but he got injured. We thought Suarez was an adequate replacement.


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